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Monday, June 12, 2006

The Saga Continues

Were Back!!!

The statement has more meanings than I can count on my fingers. It could mean that "we are back online and able to communicate with the world" or it could mean "we are back in India" or it could mean "we are moving back to seattle" (fat chance!!) or it could be that "we are finally out of our jet lag (99%) and feel like we are back in tune with the Sun & Moon and our inbuilt time machine is in sync with the night & day transitions". But certainly the three !!! do convey a sense of excitement (no not because I am now with Yahoo! and the ! at the end but I must say that I am getting used to typing ! atleast once every paragraph!).

So Bangalore beckons and Beckham has yet to deliver and the WI deliveries could not contain Dhoni and Dravid (being from Bangalore we close the circle and can be justified in saying that the world revolves around Bangalore! ;-). But world cup or cricket is not yet the focus of our lives. Bangalore, cooling with the rains and heating with the traffic feels familiar and yet new! Ishika and Tanaya have immediately take to their surroundings. Ishika is excited about her new school and friends including 2 stowaway imaginary friends from the US. She is taking bold new steps and I see a great sense of confidence around her as she is getting used to the culture and environment here. Tanaya is just born natural Indian (well actually naturally born US but you know what I mean) and is exploring India literally through her mouth! Mere desh ki Mitti...

Let's take stock of what's happening. Well the stock market is down but the confidence that this is just a correction and the future is strong is present everywhere. While the stocks are down real estate and interest rates are high and climbing. And the roads are very bumpy creating a mixed feeling of up and down.

Our biggest concern is in finding a good place to stay. I think it will take some time looking and strong decisions to not compromise. Having a good house is mandatory! and so is living close to the main areas! Still what is getting us through this concern is the knowledge that this is shortlived, and the service that we are getting morning-night (as Murtuza mentioned). I can see how desis put on weight once here! I need a trainer like Anil. I still have to get used to waiting till the driver opens my door before getting out. My humble nature does not allow me to take advantage of such bourgeois services and I always beat my driver to the door!

But I shedded some big weight last week. Went to a upscale salon in the mall and sat on an armchair for a haircut with full service shampoo before and after including a hair/head massage. I felt like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders (literally ;-).

OK then I will take a break and mention our contact numbers for everyone's benefit. Sima finally has her phone and an internet connection. So we all are now connected to the world. We also bought new mobile phones Sima has a Moto SLVR L7 and I have a Sony K750i.

Till our next encounter of the 1st kind

Chintan the RFNIO (resident foreign national of indian origin) NRA (Non-resident American)

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